Hallingmo Aktivitetshub

Design now underway at Curve Studio for new Hallingmo Activity Hub in Gol.

Gol municipality wishes to develop an activity hub for residents and visitors, at Hallingmo, on the edge of the town centre. Their ambition is to increase the use of the area, create new facilities in the middle of Hallingmo, and to improve public health.

We are engaged to lead the user participation process and design the first two of the Activity Hub areas: an urban sports zone and a trail center. The assignment includes developing the brief through needs analysis and community workshops, and the design and engineering of both areas.

The Urban Zone currently contains an old sand volleyball court, pump track and skatepark, and will now be expanded with more activities to given a comprehensive design, properly connected to the nearby park.  

The trail centre will connect the community and the landscape. Positioned as the focus of local hiking and biking routes, the multi-functional structure will provide a meeting place for these activities, and it will provide a space for schools, yoga, and other group activites.  

With several different activities taking place in the same area, we’ll seek out common ground amongst participants and ensure we create a place that is adapted to suit both individual needs a the wider community. Several rounds of input meetings are being held to ensure that users actively contribute to the design and can feel both ownership and pride in the result of the process.

See you in Gol!

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