Florø secondary school
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Florø, Norway
Process management, landscape architecture, urban sports design
Kinn kommune

Curve Studio is proud to be chosen by Vestland County Municipality as one of four leading practices for their Innovative Active Facilities project.

The project is a targeted investment in local meeting places with varied and attractive low-threshold offers for physical activity. The starting point is the local environment's needs, based on a thorough knowledge base and sustainable solutions. The meeting places will be based on architecture of a high standard, and be innovative in function, organization and activities. The project is a collaboration between Vestland County Municipality, the Local and Civil Engineering Fund in Denmark and Tverga - national resource center for self-organized activity.

We have been selected to develop a new outdoor area at Florø ungdomsskole in Kinn municipality. The school's vision is an inviting community that invites inclusion, belonging, learning and mastery for the diversity of young people. We look forward to taking on the task together with the school and the municipality!

Florø secondary school