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Bergen, Norway
Landscape, urban sports design
Bergen kommune

Lynghaugparken’s stream used to be hidden underground in a concrete pipe. Now you can sit by that stream, admiring the park and the wildlife. Ducks swim in the water, kids play in the sand, people get rad in the skatepark, everyone connects with nature. This is a park for modern life.

The aim of upgrading Lynghaugparken was to generate more activity in the park and its surroundings, to increase bio-diversity and open up natural spaces. The project includes: natural play areas, a skatepark, a series of new hangs out spaces, and opening-up the piped stream.

Visitors can now follow the stream up to Lynghaugparken Pond. Removing the concrete pipes allowed Curve Studio to create this 250m long, verdant riverside environment. The restored waterway has a new stream bed and curvature. The route is designed with varying widths, depths and slope to recreate a natural waterway. Granite boulders dot the stream bed, which is framed with lush edge vegetation.

The upgrade of Lynghaugparken also included a new, larger skatepark. This was drawn across the slopes of the site, finding different sized drops to make into skate features. A variety of heights and gradients where found, providing both spots for learning and for some bigger challenges. The terraces of the skatepark are integrated with granite boulders and other places to sit within the green landscape. Lynghaugparken is now a popular home for all Bergen’s skatepark and scooter communities.

This type of regeneration of existing parks is key to making the most of our public green spaces. Through a combination of bold design moves and sensitive adaptations, Curve Studio created a space for the modern era. This is how we can make green urban development for our collective future.

The project has been developed in collaboration with Norconsult, and built under the auspices of the Bymiljøetaten.